…The sad truth

What is an eating disorder?

According to NHS an eating disorder is an abnormal outlook to food, which leads to causing a person to change their eating habits as well as their behaviour to food. A person with an eating disorder may pay extreme attention on their weight and shape, leading to unhealthy choices and damaging their health.

Types of eating disorders:

♥ Bulimia (when a person goes through points a time of binge eating and then deliberately makes themselves sick or even uses laxatives, these actions are used to control their weight)

♥ Binge eating disorders (when a person feels the need to overeat large amounts of food in a short space of time)

♥ Anorexia nervosa (when a person tries to keep their weight to a minimum, this can be done by starving themselves)

These disorders can lead to malnutrition or even suicide.

So how many affected?

Over 1.6 million people in the UK are estimated to have an eating disorder, or be affected by it!!!!

Who is affected?

Anorexia for example, most commonly affects girls and women, however it is now common in boys and men.  This disorder is developed around the age of 16/17.

There are websites, which are pro-anorexia, some promoting the best member who has lost the most amount of weight!!! They also show ways into how to lose weight drastically, hide food without anyone finding out. It even promotes cutting or slashing of the wrists!  The government is not doing enough to ban these pro-anorexia websites!

Who may be to blame?

This may not be right, but in my own opinion, I think it would be media.  Catwalks, music videos, magazines, Instagram.  They all show pictures of people with perfect hips, legs, bum, stomach etc. This can be quite daunting, especially for younger viewers as they are growing up to see what the “PERFECT” body is.

If a celebrity was to lose weight or put on, GOD FORBID! They would be named and shamed for it.  I think we may forget that celebrities are REAL people, who are prepped and primed for the cameras.  They s**t and fart like real people do, believe it or not!

Everyone should love themselves for who they are, hopefully the government is able to help whoever is going through these disorders and something is done about the media, big hips with a skinny waist is not for everyone, if its not your body frame, then its not your frame. Exercise and eat to be healthy, do it for yourself not for others x x x

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2 thoughts on “…The sad truth

  1. nohelpformen says:

    while the media is to blame, I would like to point out that peers and especially parents are a bigger factor. Allowing your child to become obese in the first place is the fault of the parent. The lack of knowledge on how to feed growing children properly in America is terrible. As a former personal trainer I have been showing my girls from the youngest age how to eat properly and how to listen their bodies’ needs without going overboard. They look very healthy without looking the least fat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pixiesbigworld says:

      I absolutely agree, parents should be one of the first points of education. They should lead by example. I am so happy you are training young adults. ☺


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