What’s In My Handbag…?

I recently treated myself to a Mulberry Tessie Tote in Oxblood Soft Small Grain. It is the perfect go-to bag. Literally carry the world in this. For some reason, I love carrying loads of things. There is nothing worse than being far away from home and realising that what you need most is sitting on your dresser.

I come across many “What’s In My Handbag” YouTube videos and I must say.. they are very therapeutic to watch. So I have decided to do a similar post.

 Burberry Oxblood Comestic Bag:

I might do a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post.  What do you think? Let me know!


Filofax The Original Personal Organiser (Cream Patent):

…this goes with me… EVERYWHERE!!! I love this thing.  I used to have the A5 Domino but it is too big to carry around (actually thinking of selling it).  So I have replaced it with this.  I bought this from Rymans but I am sure you can find this one pretty much anywhere.



I will soon be uploading a post of how I decorate my planner – it is my most favourite thing  I do (it is really relaxing, I even sit there and watch YouTube bloggers talk about how they do it…) I’m not a loser! … I just like stationary..


 Waitrose Reusable Shopping Bag

Since the 5p plastic bag charge, I decided to be a saint and buy myself a reusable shopping bag and this one is perfect for me, you can stuff it inside itself and chuck to the bottom of your handbag, like I do and use whenever you need! I cant remember how much this cost, but most probably no more than £2.99.


   Clear PVC Cosmetic Bag:

I have these little bags everywhere in my house to be honest, they are just the most useful things ever. This one carries slightly larger items that I cannot fit in my Burberry. This is from Superdrug (£2.99)




 Apple Ipad Mini:

This is a great gadget for my on the go blogging, I like to sit in a nearby coffee shop,with a lovely hot chocolate (x3 sugars) and type whatever comes to me, as well as edit my photos from my Canon.




…but really I keep it with me for Netflix and NOW TV …HAHAH!!!
Marshall Headphones:



These babies go with me everywhere.  They are either on my head or if I am with company, they go in my bag.  But nevertheless these are always with me, even if I am going down the road.  Love these!!!

  Other essentials:

  • Oyster Card
  • Purse
  • Crocodile clip on strap (I am forever tying up, clipping back or letting down my hair, I never make my mind up)…P.S my hair goes into my food when I try to eat (LOL..I’m not an animal, its the length it is at right now!!)..so this clip is a must for me lol
  • Tissues


Well…this post has made me realise how many things I carry around on my little shoulder!!!

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