Lacking Sleep???..

♦ Are you lacking sleep?

♦ Being a night owl becoming a problem at work?

♦ Feeling lazy in the day?

If you are like me lacking sleep at times, wide awake in the middle of night hoping to get some sleep, then read on for my tips that have me sleeping like a baby.

I work crazy shifts, 12 hours, days/ sleep can be a great problem for me.

I went through the Avon catalogue and came across this product ‘Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist’  this product contains calming chamomile and soothing lavendar to help one to drift into a good night sleep.  With this product I spray my pillow and sometimes my room, and jump into a nice hot shower.  When I return my room smells gorgeous with this product.  This product has most definitely helped me get a good nights kip….they really work.

I get into my cosy PJs and light up some candles, this is really relaxing.  This also helps with my killer migraines, invest in candles with a lavendar scent.
Media…turn it off.  
That’s hard to say, I must admit. I don’t turn it off! haha! but studies have shown extreme social media can cause sleep disturbance.  You will forever scroll down to see more pictures, more tweets etc and realise you still are not sleepy as you would hope to be.  Watching TV before bed can leave an effect on the quality of sleep especially if the content is upsetting.  So American Horror Story or Dexter is something to watch in the daytime.
Also the light from the TV stimulates the brain decreasing the secretion of a hormone, melatonin, this is highly required for good quality sleep.  If you need tablets, mobile phones or e-readers make sure to leave the lighting at a low setting.

Books..these are great.  I always love to have a mug of hot cocoa, wrap up in a shawl and read a good book.  Sometimes a great book can make you want to forever keep wanting to read the next chapter, but it does help with sleep.  Reading also helps reduce the rate of stress levels more effeciently than any stress reducers!!!

This also goes for listening to music – not headbangers!!!! Mozart and Beethoven are perfect examples.

Finally I love walking through supermarket aisles, thinking “mmmm…what else can I buy??”  I came across this… ‘Twinings – Sleep‘.

This contains, camomile, lavendar and vanilla pod.  Infuse a bag into boiling hot water and infuse for 2-3 minutes and you will drift away.  This also tastes and smells amazing…

Lack of sleep can cause:

♦ Bad skin and hair loss

♦ Moodiness

♦ Depression

♦ Type 2 Diabetes/ Heart Disease/ High Blood Pressure

♦ Weight Gain

♦ Cognitive dysfunction

♦ Problems with memory

♦ Immune system, to weaken, making a person more vulnerable to colds and flus

Hope that helped, guys…

If you have any other tips that you it down and share below! xxxx

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