Sodi’s Gems

I love teenie tiny things… little gems, vintage style tins.. etc… I just love them.

….and Sodi’s Gems does exactly that!!  She specialises in beautiful hijab jewellery, such as hijab pins, hijab charms as well as headchains.

Not only that, she sells mini storage, hijabs, wrist pin cushions and many many more!!!


Check out this gorgeous pin tin.  (A perfect place for my grips..and looks great on my dresser!!!!!)

For all you hijabis and especially hijab stylists, this is the girl for you, she is such a lovely person to approach and her products are great! her wrist pin cushions are a big hit, especially with hijab stylists such as Sheuli Nessa.



A casual, trendy hijab pin


I love the flower prints and the polka dots!


Wrist pin cushion


Look at this gorgeous pin tin!!!! Follow her on Instagram and visit her webpage xxx

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