Ramadan: Dehydration

With these long hours of fasting – especially as the temperature is starting to rise, no doubt you will be dehydrated.  Unfortunately drinking water is not an option.

Here are some tips that may help while you are fasting:

Drink water: drink plenty of water after Iftar and throughout the evening up until Sehri. Make sure to keep a bottle by your bed and with you at all times, this will help you to remind yourself you need to drink more.  Try to drink at least 3 litres (12 glasses) Remember, if you have had sugary drinks or caffeine, you will need to drink more.Beverages-Ice-Water.jpg

Keep yourself cool: Try to stay in the shade if possible, to keep your body cool.  This will help to keep your body sweat to a minimum – which can help with the level of dehydration.  Another way to keep cool is to have cold showers, if that is not possible, for work etc.  Wet a flannel and apply to face and back of neck.

The type of food you eat: spicy and sugary foods can dehydrate the body.  Try to stay away from them or at least keep to a very minimum.  Fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and cucumber will definitely help.

Working out: No doubt, working out will dehydrate the body when sweating.  However, sweating helps remove toxins and other elements that can dehydrate the body anyway.  SO WHAT DO YOU DO!? (especially to those fitness freaks) If you want to, a perfect time to exercise would be a couple of hours after iftar.  BUT HOW!? There’s hardly any time to even digest before the next prayer time. I am planning to do some light exercise an hour or two before iftar.


I hope this helps somehow.

Ramadan Kareem everybody xx

(I do not own any of the images in this post)

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