My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

When it comes to lipstick.  I prefer matte.  I do wear gloss, satin or sheer.  But hands down I will always choose a matte finish, while the others just sit at the back of the drawer in the dresser.  So it has taken me a while to choose JUST five.  Here are my favourite ones and they look fantastic on olive/indian/asian type skin.


Velvet Teddy: this is most probably my favourite colour as well as everyone else’s.  This gorgeous colour goes with everything.  This is my go-to lipstick and always sits in my makeup bag.  I like to pair this with thick black eyeliner and Bobbi Brown’s Sand Pink blusher.


Velvet Teddy



Ruby Woo: another gorgeous colour, the perfect red. That’s all I have to say really, it is perfect.


Ruby Woo


Diva: This colour is lovely especially for those dark, dry autumn/winter days. This is a deep red/burgundy colour. Team up with a natural toned down look, with a subtle blush and make the lips the focus point.



Chilli: This lipstick is a warm red with a bit of orange in it, perfect for the summer.  I will be wearing this a lot.  Let your hair down nautrally or tie up in a messy topknot, put on your shades and rock this lippie!!!



Mehr: This is described as a dirty blue pink, which means nothing to me! It is a lovely spring pink, almost like a dusty rose.  It brightens up any look.  I wear this with no makeup at all or with Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. 






image 1.jpg

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