Morphe: Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this eyeshadow palette a while back, it is one of my favourites.  I used the pale/nude colours for days I am working or when I want to wear a very toned down “no-makeup” makeup look, a perfect go-to palette.


This palette is the 35W 35 Colour Warm Palette.  I love how the colours all tend to compliment each other and is the perfect palette to go from a day to an evening look.

The colours are a mix of browns, mauves, purples, beiges as well as black.  These I personally think looks great on Asian skin.


Majority of these colours are matte, with two or three shimmers.  I prefer matte, I feel like I can wear them any time of the day.  As the days get warmer I can see myself wearing the shimmery bronze that is on the far left bottom of the palette.  I’m sure I will be wearing that pretty much EVERYDAY! I love bronze!!

I love the lasting power of these eyeshadows, I wear them without a shadow primer and they last all day.  The pigments are also very strong.



I had to look around for these palettes, they always seem to be sold out, its quite frustrating. I am waiting to get my hands on the 350 palette, which contains many orange colours! I can’t wait, I will review the minute I get them!!


I give this palette a big thumbs up!! The colours are very easy to use and blend and is perfect to mix with other colours you may have.

If there are any colours on this palette you would like me to swatch, comment below, I will be happy to do so.



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