pixi Glow Peel Pads

So I bought this because I have heard the brand pixi many many times and heard people rant and rave about their stuff.  I have never tried peel pads before so I was very willing to give this trusted brand a try.


These pads are exfoliating and contain 20% glycolic acid – promising to reveal radiant and brighter looking skin as well as even skin tone.

After trying this for a week I have noticed that in the morning I would wake up to bright and clean, healthy looking skin, even though I have marks on my face, they look like they are fading, my skin also had a  lovely colour to it, not like the pale groggy face I usually wake up to, the pads just made me look like I was well rested.


You’re supposed to use this everyday before bed.  I remove my makeup like I would do on a normal evening and pat dry my face.  As instructed I swipe one of these bad boys to my face, neck and back of my hands and leave it on for 3-4 minutes and then I rinse my face with water to neutralise the peel.

The package does warn you that a slight tingling sensation is normal – I have not had this happen to me yet.

When using any product with glycolic acid, it is VERY important that you use a product with SPF.


So far I love this product, it removes so much dead skin and it does not feel abrasive like an active face exfoliant.  I have not seen it many any difference to the back of my hands, but I will keep using it on them like it has instructed me to.

Have you used this product? Do you use anything by PIXI? Do you use peel pads/products?



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