Sleek: Cream Contour Kit

When I was younger, I remember I went crazy for Sleek matte lipsticks, they were so affordable and they were great for the price I paid.  Walking down the Superdrug makeup aisle their cream contour kit caught my eye and for £10 I thought what the hell.

This product is a palette made up of six colours, three of which are highlighters and the remaining three are for contouring.  When I opened the packaging I noticed there was a buildup of oil/product on some of the colours, a bit wierd but anyway I blotted that off and it has never been a problem again.


The product is a creamy consistency, they are pigmented well and are easy to blend however some of the colours make me look so ASHY!!!! I have tried all the highlighters against my skin and my skin is not having any of it, same goes with the contour colours, I can only use the last colour on the palette, its a terrible shame really, its has a really nice matte finish.


I still use this contour palette, now for this current winter season, I am actually going for something slightly lighter but I will continue to use the last colour of the kit during the summer.

Has anyone tried out this contour kit? If you are how it is going for you? What other contour kits are out there you would like me to try, leave a comment below x x x 



4 thoughts on “Sleek: Cream Contour Kit

  1. ohthecrownshewears says:

    I haven’t used a cream kit. I normally use a powdered one…it makes my face feel kind of cakey in a way so I’m trying to find something better. Thanks for your review of this product. AML

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