Mario Badescu Facial Spray

So as you may know from my previous posts, I love Mario Badescu products.  This facial spray contains: aloe herbs and rosewater, it can be used as a setting spray for your makeup or to hydrate your skin after moisturising.

I have not used this as a setting spray because when I first used it, after finishing my makeup the product came out in large amounts, leaving my face wet with patches TOTALLY ruining my makeup, UGH!!  I doubt it is due to a faulty nozzle, I just think it is meant to be like that and unfortunately its a no from me, maybe my arms are not long enough and I can’t spray away as far as I should..


I have used this many times after moisturising, making my face feel absolutely great without leaving it greasy or oily.  I will definitely be using this in the summer if I need to, and possibly purchase a travel size bottle to keep in my handbag.  It feels very light on the skin and smells really refreshing, it does not have that strong rose smell which I just cannot stand.


For me personally, I think this product is slightly overrated – it is a great pick me up for tired dry skin throughout the day and a great addition for your skin prep. However, I can say I’m not too keen on using this as a setting spray just yet, my problem lies with the nozzle, maybe if they changed this in the near future, I will give it a try and set my makeup with it.


Have you tried this? How are you wearing it? What kind of setting sprays are you using?

Jot down your comments below xx



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