Dabur Amla Hair Oil

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I used to have super long hair when I was young (thanks to my mum and her taking care of it).  My hair was thick, strong and shiny, just super healthy and the one product she used to maintain my hair was Amla Oil.


So as I grew older, I never used this oil because Mum used to use do it for me and I just couldn’t stand the smell.  Now I have noticed my hair fallout increase and it wasn’t looking as healthy as I would have liked it to, I thought “let’s give that stinky green oil a try again”.

I use this product as a hair treatment for at least once a week now, especially when I have just come from a photoshoot.  I desperately need, the amount of hair spray, backcombing and heat appliances used, I feel sorry for every strand of hair.


So this is a dark green liquid – pumpkin oil.  This can be bought from any Indian grocery stroe and now Superdrug is selling this also.  It is packaged in a clear plastic bottles with a pictures of this beautiful lady with long thick hair (which looked so so so fake! LOL). When I was young though, I actually wanted hair like hers, she reminded me of Disney’s Princess Jasmine.


I use this an hour or two before washing my hair, I heavily saturate this all over my hair and use a wide toothed comb to make sure it is evenly distrubuted and then clip it up.  **BEWARE** the smell is very strong, I personally hate it so much and is the reason why I stopped using it, just be in a well ventilated room and wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty because the smell will stick to it.


I use this wide toothed comb to distribute products through my hair, such as: hair oil, serums, conditioner, hair colour etc

I have been using this for at least 18 months and I have to say my hair looks thicker and the product has brought my hair back to life, with a beautiful shine.  My hair fallout has reduced and because I go to gym a lot more, I have to wash my hair more in the week than usual, however, with the help of this oil, washing my hair so much hasn’t affected it.


I wish I never stopped using this, maybe my hair would have been healthier ages ago, especially from all the hair colouring, straightening and curling I did for many years.

Have you tried this?  Do you have a product that you remember using when you was younger?  Let me know xx



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