This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I tend to sleep or nap whenever, wherever I am, I’m like a lazy cat..people who know me will tell you, even at the hairdressers… I will fall asleep, but when I do need to sleep at night, at least 7 hours before work.. I am wide awake!


I was browsing around in Oliver Bonas and by the till I saw they were selling this, I heard many reviews about it but I never got down to buying it so I bought one for myself and my Dad.

This product is to be sprayed onto your pillow before going to sleep and it is meant to naturally calm you, drifting you off to a beautiful sleep.  I use this religiously every day, unless I am super tired and forget to.  I would say this product takes roughly 15-20 minutes  to kick in before my eyes start to feel heavy while I’m reading a book.  When I wake up the next day I don’t feel groggy or feel like I have overslept, its great and I find it unbelievable how great it works compared to other sleep sprays I have used.


This pillow spray contains ingredients such as lavendar oil, chamomile and eucalyptus and with the help of these and a blend of other ingredients, they can help relieve stress, help with hypertension and settle insomnia.


The product does have a very strong lavendar and eucalyptus smell but I have managed to get used to it and I think I like the smell now, maybe my body knows its time to sleep again!


I will continue using this product, unless I find something better.  I would also like to add, this product has not made me breakout, as it does sit on the pillow and my face is all over it, my skin has not been affected.

If you have trouble sleeping, give this a try.

Have you tried this before or something similar?


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