Benefit: The POREfessional Primer


Benefit is a great brand with a fantastic range of products such as mascaras, blushers and brow kits which are all a hit with makeup lovers.


The POREfessional primer is also a very big hit and it sells very fast in stores and online.  The product promises to blend away pores and achieve a flawless complexion instantly before applying makeup, sounds great right?


Unfortunately I JUST CANNOT get along with this product, the product just starts to pill.  Pilling is when the product starts to ball up and it looks absolutely horrible on my face!

I have given this so so so many tries, different moisturisers, time to sit and settle on my skin, less product, applied with a brush and even paired this primer with different foundations.  It just doesn’t work, it keeps pilling up.

Its very unfortunate that this did not work for me, I had heard many many positive reviews of how their makeup lasted longer and their skin looked smooth.  On my day off (a lazy day doing nothing at home), I wore this product, just to see how long the makeup coverage lasted, however throughout the day, when I checked my face I just saw dry balled up foundation/primer sitting on my nose and cheeks, despite the fact I had spent a long time picking bits off my face earlier on before setting my makeup. UGGHH!!!


This product is very expensive, £26 for a very tiny 22ml product, for me money down the drain.  As you can tell, I will not be repurchasing this again.


It is a tiny product and I have little mouse hands.

Have you tried this? How are you getting along with it and how do you apply this?  Comment below.



3 thoughts on “Benefit: The POREfessional Primer

  1. Sprinkle of Surprise says:

    I have love hate relationship with it too! At first, when i bought and used it i loved it, but now i don’t feel like it works the best. Sometimes i don’t prime my face and put foundation/concealer etc on and i feel like it all looks better/stays on just fine without primers, but as long as i set it with translucent powder or sprays afterwards. Urgh lol makeup problems!

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    • pixiesbigworld says:

      I just with it didn’t clump my moisturiser like it does..I’ve never really had a primer do that before it’s sad. Yes makeup problems indeed!! Hope you are well xx

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