Acne Treatments

I never used to suffer with acne as a teenager, not even the odd breakout but now as a full grown a** woman.. WHAT ARE ALL THESE BLOOMING BREAKOUTS!!!????? Maybe its the stress of growing up, paying bills…. having RESPONSIBILITIES??!! Ugghhh!!!

Here are acne treatments that I have used and my real opinons on them, some you would have never thought of as acne treatment.  So watch this space!!!….

1. Superdrug Tea Tree Blended Oil

Tea Tree 2.JPG

This contains 1% blended tea tree oil, which is safe to be directly added to the skin.  I use this product when I have the occasional small pimple or clogged pore.  I also apply this directly to an area that I have infected (because I have popped the spot…please please don’t do this.. I REALLY REALLY can’t help it sometimes).  I apply this with a cotton pad and dab onto desired area and leave to dry.  When I do, I feel a slight tingling sensation which is normal.  I also apply this on areas that have become pigmented due to old pimples, I feel that this has helped with lightening those areas.

Tea Tree Oil 1.JPG

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Body Shop Tea Tree 2.JPG

I remember when I first got into tea tree oil, it was when I was in college, I was obsessed with the idea of blemish free skin.  So the first place I bought my tea tree oil was from The Body Shop.  Unfortunately back then, they used to sell the oil where it used to be 100% pure concentrated tea tree and it just worked like a dream!!!

Body Shop Tea Tree 3.JPG

But now, this oil contains only 15% blended tea tree oil, even though it is a  LOT stronger than the Superdrug Tea Tree Oil, it is not as great.  I feel like this is a more diluted version.  This does not feel like an oil at all, more like a medicated drop that dries almost immediately onto the skin.  Though this does help with drying out angry red spots but I don’t believe this helps with post acne discolouration like the original used to.  WHY DO COMPANIES CHANGE THEIR PRODUCTS!!??!! Ughh! So its a shame really.  I apply this oil the same way as I would with the Superdrug version.

Body Shop Tea Tree 1.JPG

3.  Clearasil Blemish + Marks Treatment Cream

Clearasil 1.JPG

Clearasil is a brand that is very well known for their acne treatments and products but what on earth was this?? The packaging claims to:

“helps clear blemishes fast and fight the appearance of marks”

Clearasil 2.JPG

…well I can confirm it didn’t do any of these things..AT ALL..well not for me anyway.  The product gives directions to first have clean skin, apply to blemished areas and then allow to dry.  This product can be used day and night.  However, when you allow the treatment to dry, it leaves a shiny white sheen on the skin, which just looks awful.  You definitely cannot wear this with makeup as when you try to blend your concealer or makeup product, the treatment cream starts to pill and there you have it, a concealed, cakey mess. So instead of trying this in the day, I decided to wear it at night.  But the unsightly blemishes I went to sleep with…well…I woke up with the same exact ones, it didnt do ANYTHING.

Clearasil 3.JPG

I really really gave this product a chance, that I have managed to finish half of the product, but unfortunately I wasted my time and money with this.


4. Mario Badesu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu Lotion.JPG

The best thing about this product is the main ingredient: Salicylic acid, which is a ingredient that really helps fight acne and you can see the result of this after applying this product, you can see the spot has decreased in size.  The way salicylic acid works: it is an anti-inflammatory and dissolves skin debris which orginally clogs the pores and causes the breakout in the first place.

I apply this by dipping a cotton bud straight into the product, right to the bottom of the bottle so the cotton picks up the pink sediment and I directly apply this to the breakout. DO NOT shake the bottle, the solution is meant to be seperated.

Mario Badescu Lotion 2.JPG

It should be used before bed and washed off in the morning.  This stings so so so much but I personally like that effect, it makes me believe the product is working.  The only downfall with this is that it makes the area VERY dry and flaky after washing it off…but what do I want a MASSIVE pimple or some dry skin?  I prefer the dry skin to be honest, which can easily be fixed with a light scrub.  ( I would recommend using the scrub a day or so later, as the skin will be quite tender and you don’t want to mess about with an already sensitive area, if you make sure to moisuturise the area well, it should do the trick).  This shouldn’t be used as a permenant treatment for those who suffer with cystic acne but this is just perfect for getting rid of those pesky raised spots that catch you by suprise.

5.  Disicple – What Spot?

OK, so I just recieved this product yesterday and used it right away on those little clogged pores where I would have just thought and went: “oh get it over with, just pop it!”.

Disciple 1.JPG

Well, well, well, this worked like a dream! The pores looked almost clear the NEXT DAY!! The bottle does give instructions to: “apply a thin layer to affected area 2-3 times a day after cleansing”.  To be honest,  I don’t know about that, how many times will I cleanse my face in the day.  So instead, I only applied twice a day, I tried this in the morning and before bed and I am liking it so far.  BUT….here’s the downfall the product is ONLY 5ml!!! WHAT THE….!???!? I paid £15 for 5mls…is there something wrong with me?? Another downfall is that you have to use a rollerball to apply the solution to your skin and I’m not a fan of that, as I will just be rolling bacteria into the bottle and back onto my face again.  So even though it worked well, it is not cost effective and not hygiene friendly at all – so because of this, I will not be buying again.  However, on a good note, have a read of what Disciple gives back to the community when you buy their products… LOVE IT!!!!!:

Disciple 2.JPG


Disciple 3.JPG

5. Vicks VapoRUb

Yep… you read it right, I have used Vicks on my spots!!! It is just the best thing ever! You know those deep and painful spots that you get, mainly during the time of the month? The ones that have not developed a head yet? But the pain is so excruciating, you know the head of the pimple will come, hopefully SOON!!!!!! Well if you apply a thick amount of Vicks to that painful area overnight, it will actually draw the spot to a head and also numb the pain overnight a few minutes after applying.


Now…for ME personally ( you do not have to agree) once the head of the pimple has reached the surface, I HAVE to pop these buggers, otherwise I just feel the pressure just builds up and causes so much pain to my face.  So… because I love myself and I listen to my body begging me to pop that damn spot so I can be relieved of pain.. I AM DOING IT!

The menthol helps relieve pain and so does the campor which is a painkiller when applied directly to the skin.  Eucalyptus is also one of the ingredients in Vicks, this is a natural anti-septic and great for wound healing, which is what I feel draws the head of the pimple to the surface and helps with the reduction of  inflammation.

Vicks 1.JPG

I wouldn’t use this on my whole face, remember it has a very greasy texture and can actually backfire and clog your skin.  I would only use this on spots that are killing me..slowly.

6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

Jheeze what a mouthful…but it does explain what it is.  .  You have to use this at least three times a day for 2 minutes to be able to see a difference on your face.  This is chemical and UV free, which I thought “perfect”.   This does not help with acne marks but has really helped with reducing the size of my spots.  I cannot use this during the day because of work so I use just this before getting ready for the outside world and just before getting into bed.  I love how hygiene friendly this is: you can clean the tip with an alcohol wipe and its small, so it can be chucked into your makeup bag.

Neutrogena 1.JPG

The light therapy pen contains a red and blue light, they both work together to reduce facial blemishes.  The blue light helps target the bacteria that causes acne and breakouts whereas the red light’s role is to diminish inflammation of the infected area.

Neutrogena 3].JPG

The disadvatanges of this product are that it really drains out the battery so fast.  You need x2 AAA batteries to use this pen and you can only use this on one spot at a time, so if you are a true sufferer of cystic acne, this product will not be for you.

Neutrogena 2.JPG

7. NIP + FAB Teen Skin Fix Breakout Rescue Pad


I am far from being a ‘teen’ but my skin is acting like a rebellious teen at the moment and this item aimed for the acne market, is just great.  It contains the important ingredient: salicylic acid to deeply cleanse the pores as I have mentioned before and it also contains wasabi extract, which is known to be an antioxidant and antimicrobial, this helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth in the skin.


Don’t let the wasabi extract put you off this product, this does not sting at all when you apply the pads to your skin.  I use these pads daily both morning and night as instructed, if you have sensitive skin they have advised you use it 2-3 times a week.

Front Page (1).JPG


There are many products on the beauty market that target specifically for acne/breakouts and blemishes.  Currently I am happy with using the Superdrug’s tea tree oil with a daily use of NIP and FAB’s teen skin breakout pads.  If I have an awful spots that I just can’t get rid of, then I will be using the Mario Badescu and for those god awful painful zits that always grow in awkward areas… chin or MIDDLE of eyebrows!!!…then the first thing I would pick up is Vicks VapoRub.


What acne products do you use or have used?


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