About Us

I am so passionate about skin, that’s the main reason as to why I love doing this.  The results I want after doing your facials?: for YOU to love the skin YOU’RE in.  For YOU to be confident, for YOU to be able to flaunt it and to be able to come out of the house and not need to cover it up with makeup – to actually have the option to go without.  For YOU to wake up and just moisturise, be able to look in the mirror and say to YOURself “wow!..I look amazing!!” For YOU to recieve that fantastic compliments, the one that can really make your day… “WOW…your skin is just gorgeous!!!..what skin care do you use?/do you gave foundation on?”

…THAT’S the result I want.

I am a qualified nurse, who has been practicising for 4 years, however my mind has always wandered to the dermatology aspect of things.  I was always fascinsated by how many factors there are that can trigger the skin to behave in a certain way.  And because of this, I have always had an interest.  With skincare, you don’t just learn something and that’s it..NO.. skincare is constantly changing, I will always have something new to learn.  I can learn from books, companies and even learn new things from my clients.

So many years down the line, here I am, I pulled my socks, rolled my sleeves up, took the plunge and decided…it’s time..time to follow my passion and I know I will enjoy every step I take!

I welcome you to follow me on my journey as I follow YOU and your skin’s journey! xx


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