FFP3 Mask Skincare

Working in those FFP3 masks are playing havoc on my skin!… I am grateful that the NHS have provided us with the right PPE (I’m not complaining)..but my skin.. OMG its currently BAD FOR BUSINESS!!

NHS workers have to wear full PPE around a positive Covid-19 patient.  There are wards that have been converted into “Covid Wards”, which means, you gotta wear these masks for the WHOLE 12 hour shift!

You do get breaks to get a “breather” where you can remove your mask in a safe place but those breaks don’t last long, you got to get back to your patients.

Anyway..these masks are causing acne, open pores, blisters, pressure sores, irritated skin and many more.  This is due to breathing in and out of the mask constantly.  The masks are very tight and secure, there are no leaks for air to get in.  So I am pretty sure you can imagine what its like, a mini sauna from your nose down to your chin made up of your own breath!

So far, I am suffering from clogged pores as well as open pores and acne spots.  Its awful, every time I finish a shift, theres a new bad boy waiting to erupt. UGH!!

I have decided, the only way I can help my skin is by washing it halfway through the day.  Overcleaning your face is not good.. it strips the skin of its natural oils.. .blah..blah..blah.  But listen up.. right now.. its like as if I did HIIT workout and left the sweat to dry on my face and carry on with my day! Its got to be done.



Mamonde – Triple Multi Cleansing Tissue

My clients know I despise facial wipes! They just melt makeup and slide it to the other side of your face, it does nothing for your skin in terms of cleansing off makeup.  However in this case, I just need it to melt the oil that my face has produced out of my pores.  The wipes contain Iris root extract, which is known to provide the skin with hydrating benefits.  This helps reduce the oiliness of the face with its sebum control ability.

Mamonde is a Korean brand, I actually do not know where you can purchase this from as I recieved this when I attended a professional beauty event.  As I do not use wipes for my usual skincare routine, I will not be looking to repurchase this.


LANEIGE – Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water

LANEIGE is a Korean skin care brand.  I wont be wearing any makeup at work but I will be using this cleansing water to dissolve and remove my skincare that I put on in the morning as well as the build up of oils that have been glistening on my skin for roughly 4 hours.  For work, I prefer to use the cleansing water instead of a full face wash.  The reason for this is because I double cleanse my face morning and evening, so I do not want to over wash for a third time.


Simple – Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

On a day-to day basis I like a nice heavy moisturiser.  I prefer to wear night creams in the day or creamy balms with natural ingredients.  I have switched my heavy creams to this moisturiser for now.  It is the “rich” version instead of the “light” because light moisturisers, lotions etc does nothing for my skin, I will feel my skin cracking underneath.  I put a very tiny amount of this on my face, especially on my cheeks and chin.  The places I would heavily moisturise is my forehead and above my lip.


Cosmetic Bag – Ted Baker (gifted)

Finally, I will finish my skincare off with the evian Facial Spray.  Under the PPE masks, the skin would have lost most of its hydration due to sweating.  I used to (nearly) drink 2 litres of water a day, which has most definitely reduced now, so yeah my skin is really dehydrated.  There are many different types of facial sprays in the beauty market but I prefer to use this, mainly because this is JUST WATER. No perfumes, parabens, none of that rubbish.  Just good old mineral water to hydrate my poor skin.

To everyone working on the frontline of the NHS. I want to say YOU CAN DO IT!

You are amazing! Thank you for your help!


Today be thankful, and think how rich you are.  Your family is priceless, your time is gold, and your health is wealth’ – Zig Ziglar



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